Decorating Tips to Help You Get Out of Your Strut

Have you ever felt stuck with a direction for a room? I sure do! You can use the ideas in this post to get started on your next room. It doesn’t have to be a perfect one or one that works for the next 30 years. Especially if it’s just about organizing or decorating, it doesn’t have to be a forever decision.

What I often have to do in those “indecisive” times is to pretend there’s a deadline. Perhaps people are coming over and I want a room to feel “finished” so I can just put the room out of my mind and focus on my guests.

What does “finished” mean to my project? It means I’ll get certain things done quickly. It means the room won’t be a mess. It means I’ll remove stuff that doesn’t belong in that room. It means I’ll decide what bothers me the most about the space and address it in whatever way is reasonable for THIS MONTH.

It means I’ll be realistic about my budget, time and skill level. If painting the whole room is too daunting and the paint is fine for now, then I won’t feel pressured to do it yet. I’ll save it for another time. Or if I want to do it but I can’t decide THE BEST color, I’ll pick one and remind myself “it’s only paint.” If I’m not sure what THE BEST style would be for my bedding, I’ll give myself permission to consider it my “WINTER LOOK.” And if I decide it’s not my favorite long term, I have permission to change it.

If there are things I really want done but I’m feeling overly perfectionistic about it, or even lazy about getting to them, I’ll set a few goals with deadlines or even add in a reward to push myself to do what I can in the time I’m giving myself. Anything that inspires me, and makes me accountable for getting it done.

You can give yourself permission to design your future.

I am taking my own advice to get “unstuck” as I work on my bedroom for our A Lovely January challenge. It’s been fun to focus on that room and work within a budget to make that room feel more “complete” and like “us.” I’m not getting overwhelmed or doing everything I want to do, but I’m doing enough that I’m feeling inspired!


I hope you’ll join us for A Lovely January. You can choose any room in your house to start this month. Details here. Also, see my post on my bedroom design plans here.

It’s been so fun seeing your projects and progress in our free Facebook community! We are all inspired by your progress and ideas. Keep sharing them!

I’ll have my own bedroom update coming up soon–I am so excited by a statement piece I just ordered as well as a simple project we are installing now. I’m LOVING the direction of the room and I can’t wait to share!

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