Mini Table Lamps & Accent Lighting Sources


Accent lighting is essential to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a home. This week we shared lots of our favorite lamps and sources over in stories at our new Instagram @theinspiredroomstyle. We focused on accent/mini lamps that are easy to tuck in anywhere you need a little extra light or warmth, as well as specific sources for a few lamps we’re often asked about.

We got so many messages from followers letting us know the round up was so helpful–so we wanted to be sure to share some of them with you here on the blog, too! We understand how overwhelming it can be to find resources online so we hope that our style recommendations will make things easier by narrowing down the choices.

We’ll show photos of a few lamps below, as well as many more listed at the end of the post. We’ve also saved these and more in our Lighting story highlight on Instagram here. You’ll also find links at the end of this post to some of my favorite lighting tip and inspiration posts here on the blog. Enjoy!

Mini Table Lamps and Accent Lighting Sources

This mini rattan lamp in Courtney’s apartment is frequently asked about! It’s been out of stock unfortunately, but you’ll find several similar options and other mini lamps in this post.

These mini accent lamps are adorable! I have 2 of them. They’re compact, shallow, and the shade being more squared off really helps them tuck in pretty much anywhere I need extra light (without a big shade that fans out too far!).

Mini Table Lamps and Accent Lighting Sources

The little white lamp with the rattan shade and rattan lamp shade that I found in my old kitchen is one of my most sought-after decor pieces. It was purchased several years ago, so it is no longer in stock. However, this shade is exactly what I have. You can also get a larger shade.

This one reminds of my kitchen lamp!

Another one similar!

I’ve shared here on The Inspired Room how texture is the secret ingredient every room needs. The rattan shade can be a surprising way to add texture and natural beauty to your room. You can find more decorating tips to add texture and interest to your home at this link.

Courtney keeps this small glass lamp in her apartment for warming up dark corners. TIP: Use a color changing remote control lightbulb like this with this lamp for warmer light, see it in Courtney’s apartment below–she usually uses the orange or yellow setting for extra cozy warm light in the evenings.

More Accent Lamps (click on each photo to see details below)

Be sure to follow @theinspiredroomstyle for future decor round-ups like this! We asked on stories for what else you’re looking for–you gave us lots of things we will be on the hunt for soon!

Mini Table Lamps and Accent Lighting Sources
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Mini Table Lamps and Accent Lighting Sources

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