Get a bed made with patterned sheets and shams


Make Your Bed with Patterned Sheets + Shams

I make my bed every night. You’ve heard me talk about this daily habit a lot in all of my books and many blog posts over the years. It’s a habit that makes a big difference in our daily life! So on that note, I’m really enjoying my newly refreshed bedroom. My January was A Lovely Month, so I focused all my energy on making the new room feel like it. homeTo us. These simple changes have made a huge difference in how we feel about the room.

As we are nearing the end of January, I wanted to share another recent update we made to our room –I bought these darling patterned heart sheets! It’s a joy to make my bed every day. WHY not have some fun with the details in a room? As you unfold the sheets each night, you will be pleasantly surprised. Every morning, you might find inspiration to make your bed. I love the way the pattern peeks out.

Now, I will say that I’ve also always loved plain soft white bed sheets, they go with everything and when it’s all you have, you have less to store! It’s a simple design that I love. In many seasons of my life, we only had one set of sheets and one set of shams. It was one way that I simplified and pared down. This mindset can bring you joy, so embrace it! Do what makes your heart happy!

When we had kids, I would buy them patterned sheets or whatever color they preferred. It was easy to make changes to their rooms as they grew, or their tastes and trends change. It was also a fun and seasonal ritual to change to flannel sheets patterned in winter, and to cotton sheets summer.

Now that our kids are grown and we’re officially empty nesters, I’ve decided I’m going to have fun with patterned sheets for our own bed! I don’t have much room to store linens in this house (we do not have a dedicated built in linen cabinet!) BUT I’m determined to make room for what I love (get it? I wrote the book Make Room For What You Love. By the way, if you haven’t read Make Room for What You Love, you can grab a copy here, and while you’re ordering you might want to add my new book A Lovely Life as a pre-order, they won’t change you until it ships!).

Make Your Bed with Patterned Sheets + Shams

I choose to Make space for the things you love Because LITTLE THINGS, like this, BRING ME HAPPINESS! My room can feel more like mine by mixing and matching my heart sheets and my striped shams. It makes the space feel happy and makes ME happy.

Our rattan daybed is also in our office. I also buy patterned sheets.Ours is the only bed and bedroom I currently have in our smaller house. Because we have fewer rooms and less space, I will be more creative in making seasonal changes to our room. I will mix and match patterned sheets and quilts with shams.

I’ll be sharing more information on this next time, but I made enough room to store extra sheets and shams in the dresser in our bedroom as well in lidded containers. So my mix-and-match options will be easy.

Here are a few of the patterned sheets and shams I’ve bought for our bed or daybed over the past year or so (and some others I think are fun, too!) I can’t wait to share more mix and match looks for the bed in the upcoming year!

Make Your Bed with Patterned Sheets + Shams


Heart Sheets /// Green Tree Sheets/ Mini Starprint Sheets /// Small Yellow Flower Sheets/ Wildflower Botanical Sheets/ Light Blue Striped Sheets /// Polka Dot Sheets/ Holiday Flannel deer and Tree Sheets/ Woodland Animal Sheets/ Blue Flannel Striped Sheets (multiple color options) /// Orange Diamond Sheets/ Gray and White Striped Sheets/ Pink and Orange Floral Sheets/ Purple Blue Green Floral Sheets

Scroll down to view more patterns sheets.

Make Your Bed with Patterned Sheets + Shams

Do you enjoy working on a room in the house? It’s been so fun seeing many of you post in our free community group, I hope you’ll pop in and share your progress there or tag me on social media @theinspiredroom so I can see.

Make Your Bed with Patterned Sheets + Shams

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If you missed my recent bedroom renovations, you can find it HERE.


My heart sheets are HERE.
Find my blue striped Euro Shams in Flannel (also available in other sizes) HERE.
My tassel pillow IS HERE.
You can find my fringed throw blanket HERE
My wall sconces, HERE.
My cane bed’s HERE.
My bookcase is an older one that I painted. Read about it HERE. The same one that I had two years ago in my office, shared here.
Benjamin Moore Bunny Gray paint color
The rest of the bedroom is available HERE.
You can find more information about my home decor and FAQ in my shop.

I’ve really enjoyed having a ‘focus’ room for this month with “A Lovely January“! For February I’ve decided to continue with a focus since it’s been so beneficial to my overall state of mind and home! But I’m excited for next month because while I’ll continue my focus on improving my home, I’ll also be focused on enhancing my daily routines.

I’ll share how I create a more lovely life at home through what I call ‘romanticizing routines”! In my new book A Lovely Lifestyle, I have a lot to say about this topic. It will be interesting to see how I use it to enrich my life. I’m looking forward to romanticizing my own routines at home in February, too!

Do you want to romanticize your home and routines in February?

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